The Benefits of a Back-To-School Dental Exam
July 30, 2018
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The Benefits of a Back-To-School Dental Exam

A new school brings new challenges, schedules and demands. Don’t let worries about your child’s dental health add unnecessary stress. A back-to-school dental exam can help your child start the new school year off right.


After a long summer, getting back into the school-year swing of things can be a challenge. It’s the perfect time to schedule a dental exam and cleaning to ensure that your child’s teeth are in great shape before the rigors of the school year set in.  

Establish Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits

A dental exam at the beginning of the school can help settle your child into great dental hygiene habits before school starts.


Each new year of school brings growth and learning opportunities. Helping your child establish positive tooth brushing and flossing habits can help ensure that his teeth stay healthy throughout the year.

Get On Top of Existing Dental Issues

If your child has developed a cavity or other dental issue since his or her last dental exam, the end of summer is the perfect time to get it fixed. Research shows that a huge percentage of children ages 2-11 have dental caries that need to be addressed by a dentist.


Addressing the concern before school will ensure your child doesn’t miss any school for tooth-related issues or problems.

Get An Update On Your Child’s Dental Development

Wondering if braces are in your child’s future? Worried about impacted teeth? A trip to the dentist before school starts can give you a heads up on future dental expenses, including braces, tooth extractions or other procedures.

Make Sure Your Child Starts the School Year Right

Many children are intimidated by trips to the dentist, so they might not express dental pain or discomfort for fear of ending up in the dreaded dentist’s chair.


This can lead to children suffering through distracting dental pain when they should be focusing on learning and growing.


It’s important to choose a dentist that makes your child feel comfortable. A dentist that specializes in children’s dentistry can help ensure that your little one isn’t scared of going to the dentist and will tell you when their teeth or gums hurt.

Have more questions about children’s dental care? Ready to schedule a back-to-school dental exam? Contact Hintz & Oakley Family Dentistry today: (931)526-5460.



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