3 Reasons It’s Important to Visit Your Dentist After Halloween
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November 14, 2017
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Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore.


In 2017, 48% of American adults planned on celebrating the holiday by dressing up and going out.


The average dollar amount spent by those adults on their Halloween festivities and costumes? Almost $100 each.


Dressing up, going out, and scarfing candy holds just as much allure for grown-ups as it does for children, and Americans’ Halloween plans are proof of that.


Unfortunately, sugar and sweets don’t stop negatively affecting your teeth once you reach adulthood.


For many adults, Halloween is rough on their oral health---and post-Halloween dental checkup is a must.


Here’s why.  

Reason #1: Sugar is the Enemy of Healthy Teeth (Even on Halloween)


Research into tooth decay has proven time and again that sugar is a big culprit--and that limiting your intake of sugar can improve the health of your teeth over time.


For many adults, staying away from sugar is pretty easy...for 9 months out of the year. But once October arrives and the first Halloween decorations go up, it’s a candy-and-sweets free-for-all until after January 1.


It goes without saying that this has serious consequences for your teeth...but we’ll say it anyway.


The human mouth produces bacteria to break down the foods we consume. When those bacteria are faced with sugar, they produce an acid that can erode your tooth enamel, causing decay.


A thorough post-Halloween dental check up can help reverse the effects of a candy-filled Halloween and save you from painful, expensive dental work later on.  

Reason #2: Forget to Brush? Skipping the Floss? Your Teeth Notice


Halloween is a big deal in America. And Halloween parties are no longer limited to October 31.


Americans are now celebrating what is known as “Halloweekend,” the weekend immediately before Halloween--and it lasts, well, all weekend.


Many Americans head to multiple Halloween parties or attend work-sponsored get-togethers during this time. Others have kids who head out trick-or-treating on multiple days, bringing home pounds of sugary chocolate and sweets each time. And that’s without counting the candy kids will collect at school-sponsored parties and events!


With so much candy around, it’s important to be extra vigilant about brushing and flossing...but few of us are.


We increase the amount of sugar we’re eating, but we don’t increase the amount of tooth brushing or flossing. And that can have consequences for tooth health.


Plus, many of us are replacing our daily water intake with cocktails or Halloween punch--which adds even more sugar to our diets.

Reason #3: Some Candy is Worse Than Others


We tend to think that all sugar in all candy is the same--and that all candies are equal when it comes to tooth decay.


This isn’t actually true.


Some candies are worse for your teeth than others:


  • Chocolate: Would you be shocked to learn that chocolate isn’t the worst of the bunch when it comes to tooth-rotting candy? It’s actually among the least damaging candies you can eat. And the darker the chocolate the better. Dark chocolate has less sugar than other varieties, and washes off teeth more easily than stickier candies.

  • Caramel: This sticky, clingy candy is a nightmare for tooth decay. The texture attaches to teeth and seeps into the gaps, making it hard to clean off, even with thorough brushing.

  • Sour Candy: This highly-acidic candy is among the worst things you can eat when it comes to tooth decay. Because sour additives are more acidic than other sugars, they accelerate the decay process. Plus, many sour candies are gummy or chewy, causing them to stick to teeth and resist even thorough brushing.


Are you worried about your teeth after an intense Halloween candy binge?


Correct some of the damage by scheduling a regular cleaning with Hintz and Oakley Family Dentistry.


Contact us today to learn more about our dentistry services or schedule your appointment.


Your post-Halloween teeth will thank you.



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